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January 03, 2014

Let's talk Lipstick... Part 1

I am obsessed with lip products! They can change your look instantaneously. Unlike eye make-up which can sometimes take a while to do...you can go from a day look to a night look in seconds!

Thank you to my friend Melissa who helped me swatch all of these :* Check out her blog 'Ugandan- Globe Trotter' for ideas on your next holiday destination! http://ugandan-globetrotter.blogspot.com/2013/06/exploring-thee-buda-and-pest.html

This post includes lots of gorgeous lippies... I hope you enjoy the post.



Hermes is a creamy brown neutral shade. This colour would really suit those with olive skin tones- think Kim K. If paired with a gloss those with deeper skin tones could really pull it off. 

 Faux is my favourite nude! It's a muted mauve pink which looks beautiful on deeper skin tones once paired with a liner. I suggest Mac Chesnut liner!

 I know some people hate the texture of the Rouge Volupte lipsticks but I really like them plus the packaging is to die for! If you prefer a matte finish blot your lips with translucent powder or talcum powder if you don't have the former. This shade is on the beige side and is a much darker nude than most but still very wearable!

This is definitely not my colour... Maybe I have been approaching it the wrong way... Any ideas?

Bois de Rose is a lovely natural pink nude. It has a hint of shimmer which makes it perfect for a night out. 

Smoky rose has a frosty finish... as you can see i haven't worn this one much as I don't think it suits me. I think this would suit light to fair skin tones the most, however if you like frost finishes and you have a deeper skin tone go for it!

Hue is a soft pale pink.  It's quite a light colour and as it's a glaze it applies almost like a gloss. I wear it on top of a darker nude. Out of the tube it's perfect for light to fair skin tones.

The picture may not show it ( I dropped it :/ ) but Thalia is a pale pink with an almost grey undertone. It's one of those shade which look great on you some days but on other days not so much :(

Another favourite of mine! Lovely nude which would suit pretty much any skin tone paired with the right liner.


Majority of the lipsticks I own are pink... I don't know why but I just seem drawn to them :)) I think anyone can wear pinks no matter the shade. Ladies with deeper skin tones tend to shy away from the light pinks but with the right liner and gloss you can wear anything! Also I always think pinks look great when the rest of your make up is toned down, it really allows your lips to POP!

Tea Rose is a dusty peach/pink colour which would suit all skin tones. It's subtle enough to be used as an everyday lipstick.

Pink blush is a light pink... it's really really pretty. It may seem a bit pale on deeper skin tones so you can wear it on top of a darker pink and create an ombre effect. 

This is a bright fuchsia shade. It's a bold and beautiful colour.

This colour is absolutely lovely.  It's not your everyday matte... it glides on and feels super comfortable on the lips. It can be layered also for a more dramatic night time look. 

Spellbound is a hot pink! Lovely on all skin tones.

I'd describe this as a hot pink bordering on a purple depending on the natural colour of your lips. I really like the Sleek lipsticks. They are super pigmented for the price and the colours in the range are really pretty. 

This is one of those pinks that those with deeper skin tones probably look at in horror! It's a very blue based opaque light pink. A bubble gum pink, that when applied lightly with a gloss, or over a darker shade for an ombre look is absolutely stunning. 

101 is a lovely light pink... it's not as milky looking as Saint Germain so if you are scared of trying Saint Germain this is a great alternative to ease you in.

This is a barbie pink with an almost neon finish. Deeper skin tones should use a brown liner and a touch of clear gloss with this shade.

Another favourite! Neon pink! This is a stand out pink... it's a really lovely colour that should be worn with subtle makeup due to it's brightness. 

This is one of the first high end lipsticks I ever purchased. It's quite a sheer pink but it is definitely build able. Great as an everyday lipstick.

NYX round lipsticks are so creamy and it really shows with this colour. This is a cool toned pink that doesn't scream 'Barbie' once applied so can still pass as an everyday lipstick. 

Louisiana is not a conservative shade at all. It's not as bright as Candy Yum Yum however it still has a neon look to it. 

I'm not entirely sure why I own this colour. It's a delicate, frosty pink that would suit lighter skin tones however those with deeper skin tones may be able to rock it!

B52 is a dusty pink, yet it remains vibrant and can have a big impact if applied to its full opacity. 

Mac describe this as a bright plum matte... it is such an amazing colour. Just flawless! I'm not sure if it's still on sale but i'm sure you can get it on Ebay.
A bright matte fuchsia- it has a bit of redness to it when applied in my opinion but it's still a lovely colour. Seems to stain my lips a bit after long wear.   


These are definitely not your everyday colours. they are great if you want to make a statement!

:o ... my thoughts exactly when I first opened the tube! It's actually really lovely as a spring lipstick applied lightly. Trust me! 

Another one which should be applied really lightly on deeper skin tones if you are afraid of the brightness. A great spring/summer colour. Wear with a highlight and you will be positively glowing :)

Lady Danger is a vivid orangey-red leaning more to the red side. I always mix it with Ruby Woo because I don't think it suits me straight out of the tube but I have seen many pull it off fiercely!

When applied lightly Eros really defines coral. It's a pink/red/orange :)


Most purples are normally worn during Autumn/Fall but they can most definitely be worn all year round.. don't shy away!

Up the Amp is a milky lavender. It's really creamy- if you don't like the Amplified Creme lipsticks then RiRi Boy is basically the same colour in Matte. 
Lovely colour! A really pigmented plum.

I haven't worn Rebel for a while but just from looking at the swatch I think I need to dig it out again! Lovely plum colour. 

I bought this on Ebay- I'm not convinced that it's authentic :/ It's a really nice colour however that applies lighter than it looks in the tube. 

A rich berry red with a semi- matte finish. Flattering to all skin tones. 

This is one of my faves... it's a vibrant blue based shade. All  skin colours can wear this :)

LOVE! This colour is called Fuchsia in Rage... awesome name I think! Lovely smooth texture.

A proper purple... it's very opaque and not a drying matte.

Talk that Talk is a very deep shade... Really great Fall/Autumn shade.

REDS : These are my go to when I am going out... There is just something about a red lip!

This is one of the first lipsticks I ever bought. It's really bright hence the name Alarm! I don't wear it as much any more because I definitely prefer  matte reds.

I'm sure everyone owns this colour...lovely red!
Another nice red that glides on effortlessly. I'd say the finish was semi-matte but still really lovely.

A very powerful red. It really is chic and classic.

My perfect red! It is slightly different from Ruby Woo but only slightly. I definitely prefer the Retro Matte texture!


Lipliners... I pretty much only use NYX Espresso and MAC Chesnut (not pictured). I swatched them all anyway... You can fill your lips in with Fuchsia before wearing colours like Flat out Fabulous, Mystic and Candy Yum Yum. Orange goes well with Lady Danger. Use Natural to fill in your lips before applying nudes but for deeper skin tones re-line your lips with Espresso/Chesnut. Plum works well with Rebel and Kate Moss 107.

I'm not really a big gloss user however, Nude Lustre is awesome over every Nude or alone for everyday wear.


These are colours that I think are quite similar. I've tried to mix drug store and high end.

These two are pretty much identical... Sugar Plum Fairy is slightly more glossy.

Riri Woo is slightly brighter than Ruby Woo and the texture is much smoother. Russian Red (not pictured) is also similar to these colours.

(above lipsticks- with flash)

Where to buy:
MAC : www.maccosmetics.co.uk or in department stores (Selfridges, Harrods, Debenhams online)
REVLON, RIMMEL, MAX-FACTOR: Boots and Superdrugs
SLEEK: www.sleekmakeup.com or Superdrug, 
YSL, CHANEL, LANCOME: Boots or in department stores ( Selfridges, Harrods, Debenhams, House of Fraser)
NYX: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/JOYs-cosmetics or www.nyxcosmetics.co.uk
WET N' WILD: Ebay or Amazon

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