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April 17, 2016

My Blush Collection - Women of Colour Friendly?

Blush has recently become my favourite makeup product to apply.. After highlight that is. In fact I would choose to emphasise my cheeks and lips over eyes any day. There's just something about that little pop of colour and glow that is so satisfying to me!

Blush for Women of colour, Blush for dark skin, Blush, Nars blush, Sleek by 3 blush, MAC Raizin

I feel like blush is a little bit like nude lipstick- remember when we all thought it was a no go until MAC Chesnut? No.. Just me? Lolz. Most blushes, in my opinion, can be worn by women of colour. I have italicised this because I thought it necessary to emphasise the broad spectrum of shades that fall within that term. I have heard many times that some blush shades are not for women of colour- I think it is a little bit much to make such statements.. advise me on flattering shades, yes, but please don't tell me something is not for me!

I don't know, you may disagree with me on that one, however I think it all comes down to what you feel comfortable wearing. Remember that powder blushes are also very versatile- they can be layered, blended down to a soft wash of colour or built up for intensity and even used as eyeshadow. Obviously there are certain shades that will be more flattering on you but don't dismiss a gorgeous colour too quickly- because all it may need is a little extra blending or some layering! Take Nars Orgasm for example, it's one of those shades that is apparently not for women of colour. On fairer women of colour this can absolutely be a gorgeous blush with the gold shimmer giving a lovely glow. On deeper skin tones it works as a gorgeous highlight shade with a soft wash of colour- the warm gold shimmer is very complimentary on my skin tone for example. 

Blush for Women of colour, Blush for dark skin, Blush, Nars blush, Sleek by 3 blush, MAC Raizin

Below, I have linked some amazing posts/vids from other bloggers who have suggested certain blushes for women of colour with various skin tones: 

Deeper skin tones: Natalie from Discoveries of Self  and Danielle from TheStyle and Beauty Doctor
Medium to Deep skin tones : Lizzie from Britbeauty
Olive Brown to Tan/Medium skin tones: Hitesha from Hiteshashah and Jovita from Mr Jovita George

Leave links in the comment section to any great posts/vids you have seen .. it's good to share!! :D

My collection

I usually hate doing this but I decided to arm swatch all of these because I couldn't think of anything more painful than trying to show them on my face! Obviously no one will be applying these as heavily as I swatched them but hopefully you get a fair picture of what they are like :) (They will all feature in a What's on my Face? post at some point!)

Blush for Women of colour, Blush for dark skin, Blush, Nars blush, Sleek by 3 blush, MAC Raizin

First up is the Sleek Blush by 3 palettes. These blushes are super pigmented and intense, if you don't apply these with a light hand you will be blending for a lifetime. The pigment on these means they would all work well as eyeshadows too!

Blush for Women of colour, Blush for dark skin, Blush, Nars blush, Sleek by 3 blush, MAC Raizin
       L-R 1.FLAME- Furnace, Bonfire, Molten 2. PINK SPRINT - Pink Parfait, Pink Ice, Pinktini 3. PUMPKIN- Lantern, Squash, Pumpkin Pie

Furnace - Earth toned peach with a hint of shimmer - the shimmer isn't too intense so this works as a great day time blush
Bon Fire - Warm, Matte red- intense colour that is a bit difficult to blend, once blended it's beautiful. (Dupe for Nars Exhibit A)
Molten - warm coral with gold shimmer- really gorgeous shade that gives a lovely glow. Very wearable on deeper skin tones, on fairer skin tones this is gorgeous when applied with a lighter hand 

Pink Parfait - deep matte raspberry - gorgeous on deeper skin tones - needs to be applied evenly with a very light hand or it can look a bit patchy
Pink Ice- bright matte fuchsia, reminds me of MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick- a very bold shade that needs to be applied with a light hand 
Pinktini - matte muted raspberry- very smooth and the easiest shade to blend of the three

Lantern- red toned coral with iridescent shimmer, quite similar to Molten in the Flame palette but it is a little pinker
Squash - satin light pink - not glittery but there is a sheen to it, applies smoothly and takes a bit more blending on me for it to be more wearable
Pumpkin Pie - bright matte orange, my favourite shade out of all three palettes- blends to a lovely glow although it applies a little chalky

Blush for Women of colour, Blush for dark skin, Blush, Nars blush, Sleek by 3 blush, MAC Raizin
L-R C.A.K.E Tropicana, Burberry Russet Blush, Kiko Beige Rose, MAC Raizin, Burberry Rose Blush, C.A.K.E Lucky, Nars Taj Mahal, Nars Orgasm
4. C.A.K.E Tropicana - Warm coral with gold shimmer- gorgeous blush! Really similar to Molten but applies much smoother
5. Burberry Russet Blush No. 01 - Medium terracotta with a slight iridescent and gold shimmer - would give a gorgeous warm look to fairer women of colour. I often mix this with MAC Raizin 
6. Kiko Beige Rose No. 106 - Muted medium brown with a slight iridescent shimmer, very similar to Burberry Russet Blush but a little cooler toned
7. MAC Raizin - Matte reddish brown, the blush that I wear on a daily basis! Stunning on deeper skin tones, applied slightly lower it can be used as a contour shade. 
8. Burberry Rose Blush No.03 -  Coral rose with slight shimmer , wearable on my skin if blended well. Goes well with a bold lip and can be blended with a bolder pink to make it a little more subtle
9. C.A.K.E Lucky - Muted plum pink with gold shimmer- applies very smoothly. Unique shimmer gives this blush an edge. I think this would be very flattering on tan-medium skintones
10. Nars Taj Mahal-Warm burnt orange with rich golden shimmer. The blush of all blushes...! (ultimate violation when I dropped this *welp*). Very pigmented and looks gorgeous on deeper skin tones 
11. Nars Orgasm - peachy pink with shimmer. Applies smoothly and gives a gorgeous glowy finish 

Similar shades

n.b. Kiko Beige Rose is a little more cool toned than Burberry Russet. Lucky is a more plum based than Orgasm but the shimmer effect is very similar. C.A.K.E Tropicana applies smoother than Sleek's Molten and is a little more golden.
Blush for Women of colour, Blush for dark skin, Blush, Nars blush, Sleek by 3 blush, MAC Raizin
L-R Sleek Molten, C.A.K.E Tropicana, Kiko Beige Rose, Burberry Russet Blush, C.A.K.E Lucky, Nars Orgasm
Blush for Women of colour, Blush for dark skin, Blush, Nars blush, Sleek by 3 blush, MAC Raizin

Blush for Women of colour, Blush for dark skin, Blush, Nars blush, Sleek by 3 blush, MAC Raizin

Jheez thank you if you read all of this! I am thinking of doing something similar with my lipsticks but I will probably have to break that up into different posts. What do you think?

What is your favourite blush shade??

'Be your own kind of beautiful'

Christine x

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  1. I just started getting into makeup, so I'm not really familiar with a lot of brands. I love all the shades. Very lovely bold shades! Thanks for the review, beautiful.
    Have a blessed week ahead. :)


    1. There are so many brands now even I can't keep up! awww thank you for reading and commenting hun and you too! xxx

  2. Yassss boo loved all of the blushes. I really want the Nars orgasm as a highlighter and use a nice burgundy brown to soften it down. Your making me want to shop!! ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•


    1. Thanks Laura! yesss! It would defo suit you! hahaha that's what your posts do to me too *welp* xxx

  3. Nice review.. all the colours are very appealing..
    you can check my blog

    1. Thank you! I really love bold shades!.. Will definitely check your out.. thank you for commenting xx

  4. Love, love, love this post! Especially as I am not into blushers as much on a daily basis, but much rather use them when going out to create a statement! I love the Sleek palettes and think they're great value for money. I have the Pumpkin palette but am really loving the look of Flame and Pink parfait from the second palette! I also like the look of Mac Razin and would be tempted to try a lot more blushers now! Great post again Chris! x

  5. Thanks Shannon!! I totally hear you on the statement thing .. I feel like it's the one thing that makes my foundation look a little less flat as I don't know how to contour lol :( I defo recommend Raizin-it would look gorgeous on you!


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