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March 15, 2015

LA Girl Glazed Lip paint review

This post is all about my venture into the field of liquid lipstick. Eeeek. If you know me you will know that I am afraid of excessive shine and colour- a nude gloss is about as far as I am willing to go. I have seen so many reviews of the Too Faced Melted liquified lipsticks and really wanted to be brave and try them out, however at £19 that was never going to happen. Many reviews I read mentioned that the L.A.Girl Glazed Lip Paints are very similar to the Melted range and let's face it, when presented with a choice of £19 and £3.99 I obviously chose the latter. 

I found these at Beauty Base and I spent a very long time deciding on which colours to buy. I decided on four to begin with and figured I would go back for more colours if I liked them.

LA Girl Lip Paint

I have to say, firstly, that the pigment in these lip paints is phenomenal. Extremely vibrant and bold- if you are big on vibrant, opaque colour then I would say these are definitely worth a try! They have a minty scent which is not overpowering and the gloss really packs a punch. Unfortunately, regardless of these good points, I found them quite difficult to work with for one reason. The formula. I found the product very runny. As the tube has a large hole in the top, you get far too much product from even a gentle squeeze. I tried applying it directly from the tube to my lips- big mistake! I would definitely recommend a lip brush for a precise application. I would also strongly recommend a lip liner with the nude colours. Whisper, in particular, looks utterly ridiculous on me without a liner. Although I think the colours are really nice, I unfortunately don't think I will be going back for more.
LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint Bombshell
 [Bombshell - lined with MAC Nightmoth]
LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint Pin Up  [Pin Up - lined with MAC Chesnut]
LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint Elude
    [Elude- lined with NYX Espresso]
LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint Whisper
[Whisper - lined with MAC Chesnut]

You can purchase these Lip paints online here  or on Ebay. Alternatively, if you are near a Beauty Base they should be available in there. 

L.A. Girl were definitely spot on with the vibrancy and boldness of the range. With an improved formula I think this could be a really good product.  Are these really similar to the £19 Too Faced lipsticks?  I would love to try them out to see how the formula differs. Have you tried both these products? What do you think?

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  1. Wow these are gorgeous!!


    1. Thank you for your comment! The colours are really lovely! X


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