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December 31, 2015

Stepping it up: Makeup Geek, Morphe and Mac Eyeshadow Haul

Hi all! I hope everyone had a great Christmas!! Apologies in advance- this is going to be quite a long post! If you are a regular reader you will know that I never wear eyeshadow and haven't featured any on my blog before... Mascara is about as much as I have experimented with when it comes to eye makeup for a few reasons: 

1. I'm not trying to look like someone punched me in the face- this is the result I have obtained anytime I have tried to wear the stuff. 
2. It looked like way too much effort 
3. I don't have anywhere that special to go to for me to bother :D

Recently I've been a bit bored with all the lip products I seem to have acquired and really wanted to step up my makeup. Aside from contouring, this is the main thing I have never been able to master so I decided to get some eyeshadow and start practicing! I did a lot of research into palettes for 'beginners' etc and a few people recommended the Warm or Cool neutrals palette from Mac, the Morphe 35 palettes and Sleek I-Divine palettes . In the end I decided to make my own palette with colours that I actually liked. Don't get me wrong, the ready made palettes can be very cost effective and I have since bought a few but I just kept thinking I wouldn't wear all the colours so it seemed a little excessive. 

Makeup Geek, Morphe and Mac Eyeshadow

As I mentioned, I did a lot of research before buying the shades that went into this palette. I watched so many YouTube videos.. (Shout out to The Fancy Faced, Jackie Aina, Nikkie Tutorials), googled swatches and asked for recommendations. Many people I spoke to recommended Makeup Geek and Mac for the best shadows in terms of pigmentation. I started looking for Makeup Geek shadows on Ebay but Beauty Bay started selling them which made them much easier to get hold of! The palette is mainly comprised of Makeup Geek and Morphe pans with one pan from Mac. I also bought an empty magnetised Morphe palette  as a cheaper alternative to a Mac palette. Unlike the common Z palettes used to house Makeup Geek shadows it has a mirror and is a little more sturdy in my opinion.

Makeup Geek, Morphe and Mac eyeshadow

Morphe 12 Colour magnetic palette

All in all, I was looking for Mac dupes, I swatched quite a few Mac shadows in store and I knew which ones I wanted, mainly Red brick, Swiss Chocolate, Carbon, Antiqued and Atlantic blue but I was not about to pay the Mac price so I searched for Makeup Geek and Morphe shades that were really similar. 

Mac pans £10/$10 (you can sometimes get these for £9.50 from Debenhams

First of all I must say that all the shades are super pigmented, the Makeup Geek shades a little more so than the Morphe ones but they all still pack a punch. Most of the shades are super smooth and easy to apply.  I experience some fall out with them, particularly with Corrupt and Peacock, however it isn't not too much of a hassle to wipe away. With a primer these stay on my eyelid for the whole day, even though I always forget I'm wearing eyeshadow and rub my eyes! We all know I do not know anything technical about eyeshadow so I can't really say much more!

Makeup Geek, Morphe and Mac eyeshadow

The shades (left to right)

Row 1 

Makeup Geek: Peacock (matte deep teal blue) comparable to Mac Plumage  
Makeup Geek: Envy (frost- shimmery deep green)
Morphe: Sapphire ES49 (frost- cobalt blue) comparable to Mac Freshwater 
Makeup Geek: Neptune ( matte true blue) comparable to Mac Atlantic Blue 

This row was definitely the experimental row! I have seen some amazing looks created with Mac Atlantic Blue so I knew I had to get Neptune. It really packs a punch, so bright and shocking! It applies very smoothly and looks great smudged along the waterline. I found Peacock to be a bit powdery but it is still a lovely matte shade that becomes more workable with a primer. Envy and Sapphire are lovely frost shades- perfect for night looks. Envy reminds me of Christmas, the shimmer is not too excessive and I can imagine it looking amazing with a little glitter on top! Sapphire is super smooth and very vibrant -I think it pairs really well with Neptune. 

Row 2

Makeup Geek : Morocco ( matte burnt orange) comparable to Mac Red Brick 
Makeup Geek : Mocha (deep matte brown)
Makeup Geek : Cocoa bear (matte reddish brown) comparable to Mac Brown Script
Mac: Swiss Chocolate (muted reddish brown)

After hearing many Youtube MUA's  talk about the importance of transition shades I knew I needed to include some great ones in my palette. A few MUA's who are of a similar skin tone to me used Red Brick and Swiss Chocolate a lot as transition shades particularly when creating smokey eyes. Morocco is pretty much identical to Red Brick but I couldn't find anything that looked like Swiss Chocolate. I just went ahead and purchased Swiss Chocolate and I don't regret it! It is smooth and blends really easily, it also matches my skin tone really well so I find it great to give my lids an even tone as well as using it as a general transition shade. Annoyingly it isn't magnetic so I have to be really careful when opening the palette because it has fallen out a few times! Mocha and Cocoa Bear are both described as reddish brown but I think Cocoa Bear is more fitting to the description. Cocoa Bear is a great crease shade particularly for a brown smokey eye but I find it works well for blending Swiss Chocolate with a black shadow for a dramatic smokey eye. I haven't quite figured out how to use Mocha correctly! I find it a little chalky  but I imagine it can be built up for added depth to your crease. 

Row 3

Morphe:  Burlesque ES74 (copper shimmer) comparable to Mac Antiqued
Morphe: Blackberry ES25 (burgundy with red shimmer)
Makeup Geek : Galaxy (metallic gunmetal) comparable to Mac Knight Divine
Makeup Geek: Corrupt ( intense matte black with subtle sparkle) comparable to Mac Carbon 

This row has my favourite colours! Burlesque is so pretty- it applies very smoothly and it's the one I have used the most so far! If you love warm neutrals this is a great shade, the shimmer is perfect. Since purchasing these I have also bought one of the Mac x 9 palettes in Burgundy which has Antiqued in it and the shades are basically identical! Blackberry is a little powdery but still quite pigmented, like Peacock above it is more workable with a good primer. I got Corrupt because the common feature of most palettes is a matte black shade and as it is more intense than Carbon I figured it was a great investment. There's quite a bit of fall out with Corrupt but it's not too annoying to wipe away. Galaxy is gorgeous! Amazing colour pay off and applies smoothly.

Makeup Geek Peacock, Envy, Neptune, Morocco, Corrupt, Cocoa Bear, Mocha. Mac Swiss Chocolate. Morphe Burlesque, Sapphire, Blackberry
Swatches (no flash)

Makeup Geek Peacock, Envy, Neptune, Morocco, Corrupt, Cocoa Bear, Mocha. Mac Swiss Chocolate. Morphe Burlesque, Sapphire, Blackberry
Swatches (with flash)
Things I've learnt:

1. My eyelids are minimal :( I need some tips on how to make the shadow stand out a bit more when my eyes are open. I think I should make an effort to learn how to apply lashes because my lashes do not stand out enough for dramatic looks :(
2. Primer! The eyeshadow kept creasing :'( I recently bought the Urban Decay Primer potion which has made a big difference.
3. Brushes! I need to invest in a good full set of eyebrushes if I want this to work for me. I have been using the amazing Sigma E30 pencil brush a lot and some brushes I was gifted from L.A.B.2* at a recent Bloggers Hangout event but I would love a complete set. What set would you recommend??
4. Practice! My initial fears are confirmed- this really is a lot of effort but I'm going to keep trying, and because I do not believe in arm swatch posts I have put pictures below of a couple of my practice runs where I am using some of the shades in the palette:

Black Smokey eye- Makeup Geek Corrupt, Morocco, Cocoa Bear. Mac Swiss Chocolate

Black Smokey eye- Makeup Geek Corrupt, Morocco, Cocoa Bear. Mac Swiss Chocolate

Transition shade: Swiss Chocolate and Morocco
Crease: Cocoa Bear and Mocha
Lid: Corrupt
Inner Tear duct: Light shimmer shade from the sleek Au Naturel palette 

Mac Embark, Swiss Chocolate, Honey Lust Morphe Blackberry

Transition shade: Swiss Chocolate
Crease : Embark (from Mac Burgundy x 9)
Lid: Blackberry 
Inner tear duct : Honey Lust (from Mac Burgundy x 9)

I strongly encourage feedback on my attempts! Where do I need to improve? I can take criticism don't worry lol Comment below :)

'Be your own kind of beautiful' 

*Disclosure - Any items marked with an asterix (*) are either PR samples/gifts. All the opinions written about the products are my own. Not sponsored. 



  1. This palette has the most gorgeous range of colours. I often find it difficult to get such bright colours as this. You're amazing at makeup- much better than me.

    1. Makeup Geek has lots of bright colours! You should defo check them out :)) Thank you so much for the compliment hun... I still have lots more practice to go! xx

  2. Great post! I am new to Makeup Geek eyeshadows, but they are already some of my favorites. This post gave me some inspiration on what colors I want to add to my collection. =) I think you are already great at makeup based on these pictures. And your eyes are gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much Kristen! They are great... let me know which ones you end up choosing! xx

  3. Loving this post as I'm obsessed with making my own palettes, I use my custom palettes so much more than pre-made ones! I will have to check out Morphe next as I love both Makeup Geek and Mac's. Makeup Geek Morocco is on my wish list now xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. I love your palette posts! You have some great shades in your collection. Morocco is a great shade... let me know how you find it if you get it! Thanks for commenting hun xx

    2. Loving this post!
      Making me want to start a new palette-*which I don't need*!
      It looks like you are going in the opposite direction to me.
      I was the eyeshadow girl back in the day.
      My first proper piece of makeup was a MAC eyeshadow and I fell in love. Dabbled with blush for a second then found every lipstick under the sun and never looked back.
      However Morrocco to Blackberry are winking at me!
      It all takes practice so I look forward to seeing your future looks.
      Ms Wednesdays girl xoxo

    3. Thanks Stephanie!! haha I love it! You should defo get some- they are so affordable! I defo want to try and save up for a few more MAC ones but I think I should practice with these first! Will hopefully post a lot more looks :))


  4. This is SUCH a good idea. Making your own palettes with eyeshadows you'll actually use instead of having tons of palettes with unused product! Can't wait to see your eyeshadow journey!

    OMG and the MAC Swiss Chocolate eyeshadow looks amaaaazing <3

    Char xo || www.memoirsmusings.com

    1. Trust me! I never use all the colours in anything prepackaged :( yay thanks hun!! Yesss... Swiss Chocolate is such a great transition shade and crease colour. xx

  5. Awesome post! My question is do you have a preference? Between makeup geek? Mac? Morphe? Is one better? I'm debating now which route to go!!


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